It is great to be home.

Living for Life.
Having a home is more than a basic need. It is the prerequisite for a good life. SÜBA makes homes that are unique-high quality living spaces in the best locations. Our apartments offer the best in functionality, open floor plans, optimised room arrangement, and attractive outside spaces.

The highest quality construction, excellent facilities and timeless modern architecture are the clear characteristics of every
SÜBA project.

A place worth its weight in gold.

Values for generations.
SÜBA gives its customers added value. If you build living spaces, your focus must be on the people. SÜBA fulfils the requirements of its customers in a reliable, responsible, and cooperative way. This gives a home a high increase potential as a mid- and long-term value investment. By developing, planning, and building properties suitable for the future, SÜBA sets standards for many generations.

A home for well-being.

Well-being for the future.
SÜBA builds with vision. We aim to identify the parameters for quality of life. To build houses, you need a clear idea of the residents’ needs. New criteria and procedures must be planned, tested, and justified. The past is also part of our success. SÜBA can look back over more than 40 years of success and competence in the property market. Decades of experience guarantee the customer professionalism, safety, and lasting value.